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Lisa Short

Ambassador of Change for Frontier Technology, Education, Business & Social Impact, Women’s Leadership.

Named in top 100 B2B Thought Leaders in the World to follow in 2020.

Wave of Change Ambassador for The New Liberals

Director of Learning & Ecosystems United Africa Blockchain Association [UABA] Director of Education & Ecosystems Zambia Blockchain Association
Advisor for Shaping Growth & Change Venturekontor
Co – Founder OPTMZD and ImpactX

Founder of Mind Shifting
Founder & Executive Director Areté Business Performance
Advisor, Education & Ecosystems Distichain
Advisor, DRUIT Blockchain Ltd
Strategic Advisor EWOR [Entrepreneurship without Risk]
Think Tank Expert & Influencer Kairos Society Europe
Transformation Strategy, Ecosystem Design Thinking, Improvement, Development & Deployment of Frontier Technologies & Blockchain & DLT solutions that accelerate change at scale for Social Impact, Business, Education & Workforce, Venture Creation, Inclusive Diversity & Leadership, SME’s & Regional Business.

An internationally renowned, preeminent transformational strategist, Lisa is an innovator, entrepreneur, digital technologist, advisor, mentor and ambassador of change. A multi-dimensional design thinker, Lisa works with world state authorities, governments and businesses delivering and deploying systemic change initiatives crucial for the global economy to deliver social impact and growth; improve businesses and international diversified markets; establish gender parity; develop scaleable, affordable education and advance and deploy fit for purpose frontier technology solutions. Challenging the state of play and disrupting the norm whilst pragmatically embracing the rapidly advancing potential of frontier technology such as blockchain keeps Lisa at the forefront of pioneering positive change in digital transformation with people as the focus. Big challenges require big solutions and never be afraid to deliver them is a mantra that drives Lisa forward.

This courageous approach aligns perfectly to the many initiatives Lisa has founded and leads globally. She is the Founder of Mind Shifting that places education forefront at the intersection of mainstream SME businesses and frontier technologies to accelerate potential for economic growth. Mind Shifting has developed and delivers Taking Action Change Tables and learning programmes that advance future of work, learning and business opportunity. Continuing her passion for education Lisa educated 1300 international youth on social entrepreneurship at the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Mérida Mexico and is the Director for Learning & Ecosystems for the United Africa Blockchain Association who is delivering learning to 1M people in in Blockchain & DLT throughout Africa. As the Co- Founder of OPTMZD, she brought together Nobel Peace Laureates with the foremost social impact aligned digital technologists and philanthropists at the inaugural Strategic Change Impact Meeting: Peace and Technology, in September to lead the process and Affirmation of Intent for a new venture, ImpactX that advances the betterment of civil society and global peace. Lisa has also been named in the top 100 B2B Thought Leaders in the world to follow for 2020.

Lisa is an advisor and strategist to state authorities, governments and business for convening and delivering the message that action, not talk is crucial for global change to convert challenge into opportunity. This work has included strategy for Blockchain for Impact at the UN; the APPG in the UK for Education and Blockchain; VR experiences with UN Women; to the Federal Government in Australia; with key stakeholders in the African Union Commission; Pan African Universities, and to a broad range of peak bodies such as ILRN, ACPET and QIET. Lisa convenes stakeholders and leads actions that execute deliverable change through technology solutions such as a tokenized values-based economics Global Parity Index to attain and measure for attainment of inclusive diversity, innovation, education and citizenship, and for global organisations including the Kairos Society EU Summit Think Tank Manifestos on Education & technology in Venice in 2019.

Engaging Education institutions and businesses and their decision makers to be at the heart of this digital revolution ensuring all sectors get serious about overcoming resistance through open conversation, practical education, parity for women and execution of simple business cases with the tools and networks to support them is a priority for Lisa. Lisa posits this demands open, honest and focused discussion and supported high quality education by those with experience.

Outside her advisory and expert roles, Lisa is passionate about education and the digital technology start up community. Lisa is a Non – Executive Director for theGOMOFoundationthatprovidesfundingtoeducateexceptionalyounggirlsinZimbabwe; aSTEMLearningAmbassadorUK/Wales;andAmbassador and Academy Member for HundrED and the genAlpha Project plus actively participates in multiple leading blockchain, business and leadership organisations working together to make business better and opportunities for women to flourish a reality. Lisa is highly sought-after change and digital transformation consultant and is regularly engaged as an international speaker at prestigious institutions and industry conferences, Summits and events to deliver her learnings, insight and expertise. This includes expert presentations, appearances, podcasts and interviews at the United Nations, APPG Blockchain Parliament of Westminster, Pioneers, Nobel Peace Laureates, Cryptonites and BloxLiveTV as well as regular authoring in a myriad of global publications.

Lisa’s paradigm is change must be in a world, where we achieve the 17 Sustainability Goals and build our future together with international collaboration as one community, with parity across gender, age, education, innovation and global citizenship.

Advancing the profound potential of frontier technologies through education, due diligence & supported action.


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